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The word Rinascita is derived from the Renaissance period. The French word Renaissance means rebirth and rebirth. Rinascita represents the transformation of women's external image from traditional luxury and classical to modern fashion .Inheriting ancient and modern times, it is also the expression with the most abundant artistic elements.
Rinascita is a clothing brand that combines luxury elements with extreme fashion. It insists on the use of high-grade fabrics, such as silk, wool, silk and hemp ,With jewelry level diamond ornaments, combined with embroidery, nail beads to pay tribute to the art .
New York's upper east side style of master cut with sexy design, to show the beauty of female body lines, but also to express women's delicate inner world and artistic connotation .Rinascita aims to attract ladies with different styles, and help them fall in love with expressing their feelings by wearing a fancy dress!  

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